April Meeting re-cap

Thank you to everyone for attending the meeting, low turn out but I know a lot of people were away this week. Wanted to let everyone know we have “officially” been added to the National 10-13 Club organization run by President Frank Martarella. He has been nothing but accommodating to us and really wants only the best for our club to the point where he waived the normal three year waiting period for new clubs to be eligible for the National scholarships. Our members can apply this year for three (3) $1000.00 scholarships. I sent out e-mails to everyone regarding the Medicare reimbursement issues, in the e-mail is a link to print out paperwork if you need to file for the money owed to you, apparently they shorted many members by $300. I would also check your last years check amount as well because I’m sure they shorted you. I would like to remind everyone of an important fundraiser for pediatric cancer being held Saturday April 27th from 1pm-5pm at the Dixie Pig in Tega Cay. It’s a great cause and one of our members Jimmy Martin’s band will be part of the entertainment. Thank you to Scott for speaking at our meeting and hosting the event. We also had a friend of mine Isaac Richard from Praesidium self defense and firearms training for taking the time to talk to us. he is very knowledgeable about these carry laws and offers our members some great training as well as concealed carry permits. He will also come to you. Last but not least, Rob Cooper from Elite Heat and Air was there to speak and would like to offer his services for our members at a nice discount. Rob is very supportive of all Law Enforcement and does great work. See you all next month.

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