August meeting re-cap

Thank you all for attending tonight’s meeting, summer is winding down can’t wait for school to start and things go back to normal. Once again, need to remind everyone of the VCF, make sure you contact your case-worker and find out what is going on. Most of these law firms have made a pretty penny off of our ailments and have decreased the amount of work they are doing, especially if they feel your case isn’t going to make them money. We have confirmed that our small fundraiser will take place at Mr. Putty’s on Sept 11th at 7p.m.. Rob Casatelli has offered that day for us to use his facility. I know the day is a tough one but most activities are early in the day and won’t affect our night. It’s the only day Rob had available to basically shut his place down for us. We have to take into consideration it is his business and we didn’t want to cost him money in the process. We have another new member tonight to welcome, Josh Yates, York County Sheriffs Department. We would also like to wish our Recording Secretary, Scott Hassler good luck in New York. Scott has a 9/11 related stomach illness that is in need of radiation treatment. Scott will be back for our September meeting. Until next month, be safe.

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