December 14, 2020 meeting minutes

Meeting called by Scott Hassler Type of meeting Board of Directors Facilitator   Note taker Bernadette Guardino Timekeeper NONEActing/Current/Tentative Board Members/Trustees Scott Hassler – President Matty Bonner – Vice President George Alicea – Treasurer Bernadette Guardino – Recording Secretary John Crosas – IT Specialist/Trustee Neil Nelson – Social Media/Trustee

Meeting Called to Order: 1915 hours

Meeting Adjourned: 2046 hours

Discussion Topics: 

Board/Sgt at Arms/Trustees Positions/Change Membership and Establish monthly Board meetings

  • Change monthly meeting for membership to 3rd Tuesday at 1900 hours with meeting called to order at 1930 hours
  • Establish Structure for membership meetings by following Roberts Rule
  • Discuss Board positions and the candidates for the upcoming 2021 and 2022 years
    • Scott Hassler – President (2 year position)
    • Matty Bonner – Vice President (2 year position)
    • Bernadette Guardino – Recording Secretary(2 year position)
    • George Alicea – Treasurer (2 year position)
    • John Crosas – IT liaison and Trustee position (3 year position)
    • Neil Nelson – IT liaison and Trustee position (3 year position)
    • Scott Johnson- Coordinate Events with the Board.(3 year position)
  • Discussed Sgt at Arms: Candidates  Steve Cotton and Steve Dorn
    • Vice President Matty Bonner nominates Steve Cotton for position
    • President Scott Hassler concurs with nomination
  • Establish schedule for monthly Board Meeting to be 2nd Monday – one week prior membership meeting set for 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Establish and maintain lines of communication with local agencies and clubs to generate a stronger bond of commitment to our members and the community

Discussion Topics:

Website/URL and domains/email accounts/Digitize member records/password changes

  • John Crosas to take over website beginning January 1, 2021
    • Utilizing the current website/domain or create new one if necessary
    • Delete and establish new social media account with Facebook
    • Possibly set up Google Voice for President to field current /incoming members/any type of requests/emergencies
    • Create email accounts for every board member
    • Neil Nelson to work with John Crosas and George Alicea to establish a paid

E-vite account to ensure membership notifications are in a timely manner for meetings and events

  • Digitize and update membership records for more efficient access for mass emails and notifications through E-vite for meetings and events
  • Update the events calendar for greater involvement in community affairs that can advance the objectives of the club

Discussion Topics:

         Fundraising events/Social events/Donations/Community Centered Events

  • Get proposal for different types of apparel to generate income for the club to benefit the membership through social events and donations to assist our members and our community when needed.
  • Create a 9/11 20th Year Anniversary t-shirt and establish a time frame to complete this fundraising event before the Anniversary
  • Possibly utilizing the website to advertise the club apparel for members to purchase
  • Proposal for golf outing/location/food for this social event to be successful
  • Monetary donation to Rock Hill dispatcher experiencing hardship this year (donation will be the fund-raising of the 50/50 event during December 15, 2020 monthly meeting
  • Announce to membership the need for “Toys for Tots” needing volunteers for this coming week to distribute toys to families in need this year


All members present agree and concur to the above action to be instituted to all future Board and membership meetings.  Meeting Adjourned.

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