March Meeting Re-cap

March meeting was another great turn-out with nine new members joining. One of the main topics we discussed was looking to join the National 10-13 Association with President Frank Martarella from Staten Island. I feel this is a better move for our future. Frank seems more vested in our well being and his group is the one representing us and all the unions in Albany . They are much more hands on which keeps us in the loop and up to date. I also did attend a meeting at the Fish Market restaurant on Wednesday March 13, 2019, invited by Scott Wachtel, the meeting was to introduce our club to their Business Networking International group. They seemed very interested in what we do and many of the business’s would like to come down to our meetings. I did get a good feeling from them that they would like to offer our members discounts and in return we will add their website to our affiliates page. I am trying to limit our guest speakers to two a meeting the most, we have a lot of interested parties wanting to come down and talk, I would like to try and fit them in instead of giving them dates in September and October, etc. If any member has someone they want to come down to speak or promote something, let us know so we can put them down on the list. I had recently set up our clubs By-Laws and Constitution, they were sent up to the National President for approval. Soon as they get the ok, I will add them to the website for review. Next month we will bring up some committees that need to be formed and some that are optional. If anyone is interested let us know, we can just assign them or have a vote. Also, next month there will be a fundraiser for Isabella Santos at the Dixie Pig in Tega Cay on Saturday April 27th, for pediatric Cancer. There will be booths set up and a couple bands playing, so come on down and support this cause. See you next month.

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