February Meeting Recap

Thank you all for coming to last months 2nd meeting.  There were a lot of new faces as well.  We are starting to get the word out there and we will continue to grow.  Now that the website is up and running I will try to keep on top of the things we need to know.  Just a quick recap of the medical/Dental issues involving GHI/Healthplex/Benecard. First, the dental insurance has changed (for the better) and the payment fee schedule has increased in our favor. How to access: Go onto Healthplex website, sign in and click on the top “Our Dentists”, in the drop down menu click on “PPO-EPO panels”, then scroll down and click on “Careington PPO panel”.  Then you can search for a dentist closest to you.  When you go to the dentist make sure they know you are in the “Careington plan” fee schedule, it makes a big difference.  GHI- when you call, first see if they can find a type of Doctor you need, if they can’t, mention 2014 Assurance act, if they don’t know ask for a supervisor, the main thing is notifying them before you use a Doctor, as long as they are notified it will be covered as “In-network”. You have to go on the website and print out “surprise bill” paperwork to be covered.  Benecard seems to try to see how much they can get away with each year, they try to deny things at first to see if you give up by calling it “Clinical Review”, takes them forever to handle this then they usually deny it.  I had called to argue one particular time for a medication they covered last year and then somehow it was partially covered because I called.  In the worst case scenario there is an app on your phone called GoodRX, I actually used it several times now and received certain prescriptions at a cheaper price than my covered medication.

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