October Meeting Re-cap

Thank you everyone who took the time to come to our meeting.  It was a great turn-out with some faces who we are glad to see back.  Glad to see the support for our club during a time of transition.  We only touched on a few changes last night and let the membership know that Scott Hassler has moved into a Vice President position, as we all liked the idea we also would like to wish him luck up in New York getting re-checked and hopefully all will be good.  We also put it out there last night that the Recording Secretary position will be vacant and we said last night, anyone interested in the position to contact myself or any Board member to be considered.  We will announce the position and take a vote at the next meeting.  I held off on bringing any other business's in, we will get that going again next meeting.  If anyone has a business or someone who would like to talk at a meeting just let us know and we will schedule them.  A couple things from last night,  supposedly (this is from the National President's message at the Convention last month) the IRMA medicare payments are going out Oct, 18.  I received an e-mail that they were going out in March of 2020 but who knows, I guess we will see.  Also to all who have any family or friends up in NY still who can vote in November, make sure they VOTE "NO" to the election ballot question of allowing CCRB to assertain more power and be able to hand out punishments rather than referring you to IAB, even if the allegations are false, they will still be able to punish you.  Last note, there is a website from the PBA, NYCPBA.org, they have a section where you go to the officer's name and a short form can be filled out and the PBA brings them to the Parole Board.  We did add three new members, keep spreading the word.  See you all next month, be safe.

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