Re-cap of December 2019 meeting

Thank you all for coming to the last meeting of the first year. We came a long way to this point and now we need to amp it up a little for the next year. We are going to emphasize more networking to help our members out even more. We are still working on an after holiday party set sometime in January. Last night we had the pleasure of meeting a few new friends, Real estate agent Meghan Kara, mortgage consultant Kerrie Huseman, Ronnie Dessaint from Experimax (computer, phone sales, repair) and last but not least George Powell from U.S. Law Shield. I don’t think anyone paid much attention to anything else after the girls introduced themselves and starting to explain what they do. Meghan has been doing real-estate for a long time and will tell you like it is, not in it for a commission. Kerrie also is very good at what she does and can also help with managing your credit or how to fix it, the right way. Ronnie, we actually just met that night and was with these two young women. Ronnie opened his own shop in Rock Hill and can fix anything computer related, cracked cell phones, you name it. Our last speaker was George who explained how important it is to have coverage for yourself and family while carrying a firearm and any other weapon you may have to use in the case of an emergency. His membership covers all 50 states. Thank you all for taking the time out and speaking to our members. I also want to remind everyone again about T-Mobiles First Responder plan that gives 50% off phones and plans, take advanyage now before it goes away. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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